Paint Creek Animal Rescue

Wish List

Animal Food and Supplies 

This one is easy...any brand canned cat food. Either pate or ground. The cats aren't too fond of 'shreds', filets or 'gravy' style.  

40-50 lb bags of hay cubes. Can be alfalfa or grass/alfalfa mix. Buy at local feed stores. I break the cubes into smaller pieces to supplement their diet over winter and as treats. 

 50 lb bags of texturized goat or horse sweet  feed. Buy at local feed stores.

  50 lb bags of alfalfa pellets. Buy at local feed stores

We sure could use one more heated bucket so the water doesn't freeze in winter 

Square bales of hay. Alfalfa, grass, or alfalfa/grass mix.

  Sweetlix 16:8 loose goat mineral at local feed stores.

Laying mash for the hens. Supplies calcium for strong bones and offsets bone loss due to egg production. Fed year round.

 Chicken scratch....wholesome grains for energy during winter when they are unable to free-range for foliage and insects.

Some of the cats have dietary issues ...urinary crystals, diabetes or allergies. They are fed Grain-Free feline food as this seems the only brand that causes no problems and all the cats can eat it. It contains no grain or fillers, just high quality protein that cats need.

Scoopable litter lasts longer then conventional clay litters. You can also buy it for less at feed stores. A 40lb bag costs about the same as 25 lbs in the grocery or department stores.

 Construction and Maintenance/Repair Materials

Assorted Deck Screws 2-3in    Assorted Nails 1-1/2in - 3 in

4x4 square or round treated posts. Can be used posts in good condition.

2x4x8 and 2x4x12 treated (and untreated) lumber. Can be used wood in good condition.

Sheets plywood (treated and untreated). Can be used wood in good condition.

Metal Roof Panels. Can be used/old in good condition. 

Barn Paint or Roofing Tar

4ft - 6 ft Fencing and  T-Posts - Can be used/old in good condition.

16 ft Utility Gate. Can be used/old in good condition. 

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