Paint Creek Animal Rescue

Who we are

Animal rescue is my life's mission and what I was born to do. I have rescued & re-homed numerous animals, including rehabilitating some wildlife, since 1970. Our rescue is currently down to 12 indoor cats (all once strays, some have special needs) and 12 outdoor barn cats (once strays) and numerous feral cats whom we also feed daily and provide adequate shelter during the winter months. There are also 13 goats (some with special needs) who have been rescued either from abuse, neglect or saved from the auction and going to market. Our deepest desire is to remain in animal rescue. So many rescues are closing and the shelters and rescues in operation are filled to capacity. Our Mission is to help as many homeless and abandoned animals as we can, and those that have been abused, neglected, injured, or orphaned. We are dedicated to their health and welfare. We offer them shelter, medical help and the loving forever home that EVERY animal richly deserves.

The animals come to our rescue from a variety of situations. They are treated with compassion, given support, either medical or/and emotional, and live in a safe, secure environment, and most important, given the love they deserve, but have been denied. Some of the animals have never known a gentle touch, and it is so rewarding to be able to stroke a once feral cat, or earn the trust of a skittish goat. Animals are extremely affectionate and intelligent, and to see the animals literally 'blossom' under loving and tender care is beyond words.


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