Paint Creek Animal Rescue

Welcome to Our Site 

The animals come to our rescue from a variety of situations. They are treated with compassion, given support,  medical and emotional, and live in a safe, secure environment, and most important, given the love they deserve, but have been denied. Some of the animals have never known a gentle touch, and it is so rewarding to be able to stroke a once feral cat, or earn the trust of a skittish goat. Animals are extremely affectionate and intelligent, and to see the animals literally 'blossom' under loving and tender care is beyond words.
Because of unexpected expenses for vehicle repair, we are in need of donations to buy the winter load of hay, goat and chicken feed, cat food and litter, Capstar flea capsules, wormer for the goats and cats, plus meds for the goat with arthritis.  If you can spare a few dollars we would be very grateful. All donations go solely to feed the animals and for their care. Thank You. 

 I am a private rescue and therefore have been solely financially responsible for the care, feeding and vetting of the animals. I am not a 501 organization, and do not get grants or outside funding, but pay for everything from any income I make.

If you wish to help the animals, you can virtually 'adopt/sponsor' one of the animals of your choice for a gift of $10, or more if possible. (although we accept gifts of any denomination....even a gift of one dollar is much appreciated!) Every cent of your gift is used towards purchasing the animals food, hay, supplies and any vetting they need.To see the animals you can virtually 'adopt' or sponsor please go to the "Adopt one of the Goats" or "Adopt one of the Cats" page, or just feed the chickens "Rescued Rooster and Hens" 

** Some of the cats have dietary issues such as urinary calculi, diabetes or allergies. They are fed Grain-Free dry or wet canned cat food (pate or ground) as these types of cat food that don't cause any health problems and which all the cats can eat.

YOU CAN ALSO HELP BY: ..visiting the "Wish List" page for items we need. Contact me for an address for any food or items to be delivered to the farm on the 'Contact Page'.


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